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Please send any inquiries or requests for information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact any one of the executives below.


Presides at all meetings of the Association and the Executive. The President shall also be charged with the general management and supervision of the affairs and operations of the Association. This is a 2-year term (opposite term as Vice-President/Treasurer and PS-ARM Representative).

David Fischer

Team Lead, Student Recruitment
MacEwan University
10-623G, 10700 104 Ave NW
Edmonton AB  T5J 4S2
P: 780.633.3592
president at elaa.ab.ca


Responsible for assisting the President and performing the duties assigned by the President. In the absence of or inability of the President, the Vice President/Treasurer shall be responsible for membership. In addition he/she shall properly receive, deposit, and account for the funds of the Association and shall keep such books as may be required in order to regularly report to the Executive and to facilitate an annual audit. This is a 2-year term (opposite term as President and PSE Coordinator).

Landon Heilman

Student Recruitment Coordinator
Medicine Hat College
299 College Dr SE
Medicine Hat, AB T1A 3Y6
P: 403.504.3569
vp at elaa.ab.ca


Responsible for preparing and maintaining the records of all correspondence and minutes of the Association and the Executive. This is a 1-year term.

Amanda Sawatzky

National Student Recruiter
University of Alberta
Administration Building B-19
Edmonton, AB T6G 2M7
P: 780.248.1079
secretary at elaa.ab.ca

Communications Coordinator

Responsible for writing, editing, and supervising the production of ELAA publications, including but not limited to Dates-at-a-Glance publications. In addition he/she shall serve as the contact for ELAA Website maintenance and updates and shall communicate with the company selected by the Executive to provide website support, hosting, and maintenance. This is a 1-year term.

Gillian Chan

Student Recruitment Advisor
University of Calgary
2500 University Dr NW
Calgary, AB  T2N 1N4
P: 403.210.7625
communications at elaa.ab.ca

Post Secondary Events Coordinator

Responsible for planning and maintaining the post-secondary events (PSE) annual schedule. The PSE Coordinators shall also manage scheduling problems or discrepancies as well as liaise between ELAA members and PSE hosts. These are 2-year terms serving opposite each other.

Melinda Drews (2018 & 2019)

Recruitment Officer
Mount Royal University
4825 Mount Royal Gate SW
Calgary, AB  T3E 6K6
P: 403.440.5936
apse at elaa.ab.ca



Special Events Coordinator

Responsible for organizing and coordinating ELAA Orientation, the annual ELAA Counsellor Update and the GM, AGM and SGM of the memberships. This is a 1-year term.

Michelle LoGullo

Coordinator, Student Recruitment Admissions and Recruitment
Mount Royal University
4825 Mount Royal Gate SW
Calgary, AB  T3E 6K6 
P: 403.440.5958
sec at elaa.ab.ca


Responsible for liaising with their respective member institutions to ensure they are fulfilling their responsibilities of membership as per Bylaw 12. The Member-at-Large shall also maintain the ELAA membership listserv and perform those duties assigned by the President or by the Executive. This is a 1-year term.

Joleyne Mayers-Jaekel

Team Lead Community Recruitment
Portage College
Box 417
Lac La Biche, AB TBA 2C0
P: 780.404.1161
mal at elaa.ab.ca

PS-ARM Representative

Shall serve as an advisor to the President and the Executive and carries voting privileges. This is a 2-year term (opposite term as President & PSE Coordinator).

Brier Albano

Associate Registrar, Student Development
Medicine Hat College
299 College Dr SE
Medicine Hat, AB T1A 3Y6
P: 403.502.8976
psarm at elaa.ab.ca

Past President

Shall serve as an advisor to the President, the Executive, and to the membership if required. This position does not carry Executive voting privileges.

Caitlin Kane

University of Calgary